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GoodSphere is more than just a program; it's a lifestyle change designed for real estate professionals like you. We understand the unique challenges you face—fluctuating business pipelines, inconsistent engagement with your sphere, and the struggle to maintain work-life balance. That's why we've created a comprehensive approach to help you not just survive, but thrive.

You don't need to do more, or be more. You just need to know where to put your energy effectively, so that you can be happy and passionate about the work you do.

We don't just believe this, we know this.


The GoodSphere Framework

The system we’ve created hones in on six general areas of opportunity and improvement. These elements ground us and carve out the path to success for our members to identify areas for growth.  


The cornerstone of our system is an organized database so that the rest of your business is streamlined. We establish healthy habits for keeping your database up to date, so that you can focus on the people most likely to give you business. With a focus on organization, we resolve some of those feelings of fear and anxiety, avoiding burnout. 

Consistency and Accountability

We teach you to build habits of better consistency in business development and personal well being. Using the power of a strong supportive community of like-minded peers and guides, we strengthen your consistency for all tasks, offering direction and accountability while maintaining the simplicity of how to get the work done

Self Care & Quality of Life

As with any entrepreneur, the demands of the job and running a business take their toll. We often put others first and can lose sight of our needs, burning out because we are unaware of how hard and fast we are running. We help you create a daily, weekly, and monthly plan, ensuring that you have small and quick ways to keep yourself centered with a regular plan for ongoing mental and physical health.

Networking & Community

Going beyond the traditional idea of network with agents, we work with you to build a network of like-minded core agents and business professionals.  You’ll learn, support others, and find a sense of belonging. How to network and maintain the health of those relationships is fostered here. 

Goal Setting

We look to break the shame cycle of “a lot of starts but not a lot of finishes.” You’ll create a plan to identify, develop, and work through meaningful goals for your life and business, addressing the behavioral science behind lack of success, and using a supportive program to build momentum with your business needs.  


Our Guides

Our team has taught and guided thousands of agents, having held executive roles at leading brokerages. We’ve authored books, fostered communities, built CRMs, and consumed many, many bottles of hot sauce.

Most important of all we're on the same journey as you to live our best lives and do our best work. Meet your teachers: 

Lance Pendleton
Skye Michiels
Zvi Band
Emily Bossert
Michael McNelis
Tayler Foutz
Lauren Wood

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