Case Study

Cara Pearlman

Even though she loved engaging with the people she cares about and her sphere, Cara was overthinking the minor details, and didn’t want to come off as ingenuine in her interactions.

Cara Pearlman loves to engage with her sphere of influence. However, she often found herself getting bogged down by trivial details and overthinking her interactions. She was apprehensive about bothering people or giving the impression that she was only reaching out for business purposes.

Joining the GoodSphere program helped her improve her focus on her energies in engaging with her clients. As she puts it, "When I started listening to what the messaging of the [GoodSphere] program was, it seemed like a way to focus my energies and have better direction on what I was already looking and longing for." It also provided her with the support and guidance she needed to stay on track with her engagement efforts. She no longer found herself getting lost in the weeds or overthinking things. Instead, she was able to focus on what really mattered and make meaningful connections with her sphere of influence.

"If you're contemplating it and you're not yet ready to commit, then talk to Zvi, [or] talk to anyone that's in the coaching seat, and I think you'll quickly realize that the investment's well worth it."

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