Case Study

Dawn Merrill

Like other agents, Dawn found her CRM to be overwhelming and stressful. She was anxious about organizing it and was too nervous to contact people - too afraid to reach out and do cold calling.

Dawn Merrill is a real estate advisor at COMPASS in Sarasota, Florida, and like many in her profession, she found herself overwhelmed and stressed out by her CRM. She was anxious about organizing it and contacting people, and was afraid of reaching out and cold calling due to her nervousness. 

When she joined GoodSphere, Dawn felt with the tools she needed to feel more comfortable and natural when speaking to people. She now calls them as if they were her friends, rather than just clients. She also shared how her experience with GoodSphere coaches has been different from others, saying “I just wanna be myself, and they give you the permission to be yourself and show you how. Being yourself is really a great tool. You can be yourself and be extremely successful.

Dawn noticed a significant increase in referrals and repeat business since she joined. She now feels great about being able to reach out to people comfortably, and in turn, this has resulted in more referrals and repeat business. She has also found that GoodSphere has made it easier for her to figure out where to place people and how to organize them in her database.

As realtors, we at times feel like we need to be realtors 24-7. We need to be on. And all of a sudden you realize you don't have to be on all the time. Just be yourself - and with GoodSphere, it just really brings that home,” she shared.

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