Case Study

Nick Orlando

Nick experienced a lack of confidence in the direction his business was heading. He desired a fresh approach that would provide him with renewed clarity and purpose.

Nick Orlando recognized the need for a new tool or approach to boost his confidence and transform his business. After exploring various coaching programs, he came across GoodSphere and believed it could bring the desired benefits to his real estate endeavors.

Nick's experience with GoodSphere was nothing short of transformative. "I was able to obtain one new listing, and two buyer clients... I was able to initiate some conversations and some future business that I'm now cultivating, which I don't think I would've gotten if I didn't apply what I learned from GoodSphere." 

GoodSphere allowed Nick to rediscover the importance of building and cultivating relationships in his real estate business. By focusing on the roots of relationship-building and having fun in the process, he gained a renewed sense of appreciation and enjoyment. This shift in mindset positively impacted both his business and personal well-being.

“In our business, or in any kind of business you’re in, you always have to be learning.You always have to be better in yourself. And even if you take one thing from this GoodSphere program, it's gonna be something very monumental I feel, that will be able to implement something that you might not have learned in the past in this business. It will translate into something positive, not only for your business, but in just the way that you feel as well. So you have nothing to lose."

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