Case Study

Paul Basto

Paul loves training to stay on track, but was also aware of the multitude of tools and distractions surrounding him.

Paul Basto is a dedicated realtor who understands the value of continuous training and the need for focus in a world filled with shiny distractions. “There's always new shiny objects and so I think I just needed to reign it in and focus on one thing at a time.”

Joining the GoodSphere program has provided him with a clear roadmap, breaking down complex tasks into manageable and tangible items to be accomplished each week.

"You get a ton out of the program, and it really simplifies everything... It starts out slow, and as long as you stick with it, it builds, but it doesn't build to a place that you feel overwhelmed."

Through consistent application of GoodSphere's principles, he has cultivated a valuable list of referrals. In just a few weeks, Paul has received five referrals, which he directly credits back to GoodSphere. This aligns perfectly with his vision of a referral-based business, indicating the effectiveness of the program in generating leads and expanding his network.

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