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Russell Pruner

Before Goodsphere, Russell recounts that he didn't even use a CRM.

Russell Pruner is a senior real estate advisor at COMPASS, Greenwich, CT with a vast experience of 38 years in the industry. Before GoodSphere, Russell recounts that he didn't use a CRM. 

With the 12-week program offered by GoodSphere, he was able to slowly integrate new tasks into his daily routine. As Russell explains, "One of the great things about it that I liked the most was it wasn't just about the CRM, it was about you and trying to get your headspace and happiness together so that you know you're ready to go out and engage with the CRM as well as your sphere of influence."

GoodSphere also helped Russell reconnect with old clients who were both buyers and sellers, leading to a 10 million dollar deal that changed his business dramatically. As Russell shares, "It didn’t happen overnight, but one scroll back brought me a 10 million dollar deal. That one deal alone changed my business dramatically."

Through the program, Russell was able to develop new habits that allowed him to consistently reach out to his clients and build deeper relationships with them. The program instilled some new habits into him that he was able to use on a consistent basis to easily build his business reach out to clients, and create deeper relationships with them.

Russell highly recommends taking GoodSphere’s Foundations class and being involved as an alumni afterwards. As he explains, "A lot of that is due to the number of contacts and friends I've made around the country through GoodSphere that has allowed me to build a fairly good referral network that I think will only get better with time. I really think it's a very insightful program that they've done, very thoughtful work and it really helps the agent to understand better how not to be fearful of working with the CRM and how to work better to build close relationships with your clients."

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