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Bring the power of behavioral science, technical know-how, and tactical best practices into your team or office.

GoodSphere exists to help agents take control of their database, generate more business from their sphere, all while feeling less overwhelmed and living more balanced lives.

GoodSphere was founded in early 2021 with the mission of helping professionals generate more business *and* live more balanced lives. While agents are welcome to purchase programming and work with us directly, we have experience working directly with brokerages and teams to:

  • Improve team and office connection with the brand
  • Increase adoption and usage of in-house tech tools
  • Improve agent production and overall happiness

Our team has deep experience working with some of the top brands, including Compass, Sotheby's International Realty, Keller Williams, and many more. And where else can your agents learn from some of the leading trainers, community builders, and CRM experts? 

The GoodSphere Advantage

  • We don't flood your agents with more shiny objects - instead, we teach them how to do *less* - consistently - in order to generate more business.
  • Our unique training approach combines technical knowledge, cutting-edge behavioral science, and first-person real estate experience to deliver the habits and tactics agents need today.
  • Our team brings together decades of experience in training agents, working with sales management and executive leadership, and CRM creation.
  • We're a ton of fun to work with. Seriously.

Our Programs

Our holistic programs include both professional and personal development tactics that help your agents master key business generation tactics and habits, leverage technology, and do it all consistently. More importantly, we help agents get out of their own way and rediscover what they love most about real estate and themselves. Our programs are grounded in principles of behavioral psychology and the science of well being to help build lasting impact.

All of our programs can be delivered and co-branded. Examples include -

Foundations of Living in Your GoodSphere (Virtual)

Our flagship 12-week program. Your agents will walk away not only with a better organized database and key tactics they can consistently implement to generate millions in additional GCI... they'll have the tools to take care of themselves, avoid burnout, and feel more connected to you and your community of agents. More details here.

GoodSphere Live (In Person)

Over the span of two days, agents will understand the blockers to their long-term growth and success, what their limitations are around understanding, and sharing their value, and a customized and tailored plan where they know exactly where they may be moving too far away from having balance. This is all delivered in a fun and engaging environment alongside their peers.

Peer Spheres

A group learning and development program called where participants will attend weekly group sessions during which they will learn and master simple actions aimed at helping grow their businesses and deepen their relationships. The purpose of these group sessions is to accelerate learning, build community, and provide peer accountability

We have much more available - this is just a sample of what we can provide to your organization. To learn more, see our programs or get in touch.

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