Foundations is our six week onramp to the healthy habits and tactics to consistently generate significantly more opportunities from your database in the next three months and beyond - while loving your business.

🎉 Our next program kicks off on May 9th, 2023. Click here to enroll, or join one of our live Q&A sessions.

Is this you?

  1. You already have a GCI of $100K a year (or your team does),
  2. Get most of your business from repeat and referral clients,
  3. Feel overwhelmed and out of balance in your day to day, and committed to fixing that,
  4. Be willing to follow our guidance, proven and trusted by your peers,
  5. Will commit to taking a few small actions every day

"On week 5 I put 2 Mill worth of sales under contract"

"This program is seriously changing my life."

"I feel organized and calm. I definitely think this is due to the GoodSphere work. The habit of meditation and organizing contacts has shown me the goldmine I have in my CRM. Making a list of distractions has me very focused on eliminating distractions and stopping them at the time they happen."

Our flagship program for a well organized database, and engaged sphere, and increased business. Seriously.

To do your best work, you have to be your best self. We’ve spent years helping agents get more repeat and referral business from their sphere of influence. But it’s hard to do your best work when you’re overwhelmed, confused by the tools, and afraid to reach out. We looked at every coaching program available and saw they did the opposite – made you “do more,” feel more frenetic, and keep you dependent on them. And none understood the incredible tools and resources you have at your disposal. That’s why we created GoodSphere.

What do we get in six weeks?

A FULLY ORGANIZED DATABASE plus a plan to energize your business and life

IDENTIFY the 10% of your database who will give you the most business

DISCOVER how to produce the highest return on your time invested

REDUCE overwhelm in your day-to-day with simple self-care rituals

BUILD consistent, simple systems to nurture your sphere

What does the program include?

A weekly 75 minute live session, going deep on the topics and discussion around it

Regular office hours to lock in learning

A weekly list of tasks and habits to nurture your database

A full resource library with templates, videos, and more

An online community to learn with and from your colleagues

Our incredible accountability coaching program

Access to 1:1 help and guidance

NEW! Joining Foundations is also your onramp into our GoodSphere membership - two months included at no additional cost!

Ready to Live in Your GoodSphere?

Proven by your peers, time and time again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to learn from this course?

A strategy for growing a healthy sphere

  • Habits to grow more market share
  • Tips to insulate your business by building deep connections simply and effectively
  • An organized CRM you feel great about
  • Practices to take care of yourself, so you can be your best, every day
  • Habits to encourage consistently in to nurture relationships

How much is the course?

$1,500 for the six-week program, which includes membership perks for 2 additional months!

Can I use my Compass Marketing or Coaching $$ toward this class?

Yes - you can sign up through the Coaching Marketplace hereLet us know if you need assistance at

When are the sessions and what if the time doesn’t work?

We meet twice a week for seven weeks (including a first week of onboarding). The course offering is as follows:

  • 75 mins - Foundations Session, weekly on Tuesdays at 2pm EST
  • 30 mins - Cohort “CEO Time” Wednesdays or Thursdays *based on your availability 

Can I have my teammates join?

While we love expanding our GoodSphere, we ask that all attendees of the sessions are individually enrolled. Did you know, we offer team discounts? For each additional team member enrolled, we offer the course for $500. 

Can I retake Foundations if I’ve already completed the course before?

Yes, at no additional cost! If you are interested, you can audit any week throughout the current cohort. Just let us know which week, and we’ll provide the access. 

Do you offer referral discounts if I want to have the rest of my team take the class or plan to recommend to my peers?

Yes, email us at to make the connection!

What if I miss a class during the week?

All sessions will be recorded, shared, and made available only to those enrolled.  If you can’t make a session, don’t sweat - you can jump into your GoodSphere portal and check the latest post.