The GoodSphere Membership

The five questions every real estate agent must ask

  1. What is my best source of opportunities, and what am I doing to grow that?
  2. What is preventing me from doing my best work?
  3. Do I have the right systems that I trust will take care of my business?
  4. Am I constantly overwhelmed and operating from a place of fear and scarcity, or do I feel in control of my business and life?
  5. Am I ensuring I'm living a balanced life, or am I sacrificing too much?

You're thinking about growing your business year round.

So will we.

GoodSphere was founded to give agents like you the habits and tactics to grow your business, on your terms. As you can see from our testimonials, our members have been pretty successful at it so far.

GoodSphere isn't just a program you attend once, and then go back to the way things were before. GoodSphere represents an ethos. It's a call to action to implement the simple systems to take care of your best drivers of business growth. It's a regular reminder that the most important person in your business is you. And the more you take care of yourself, the better your business responds.

People who have attended GoodSphere have seen major transformation, in their business, and in their lives. That takes regular work and support.

And real change doesn't come from cracking open a book once, or taking a class once, or making a plan once. It's the small actions, day over day, week over week, that lead to real change.

That's why the GoodSphere is here for you - day over day, week over week, month over month.

Introducing the GoodSphere Membership.

The GoodSphere membership is your all-access pass to build, maintain, and love your real estate business.

What's included?

Unlimited access to all of our cohort-based programs

In any given month, we're running multiple online classes, all geared around business and personal growth. Getting your database organized. Establishing your unique value. Better engaging with your sphere of influence. Finding your authentic marketing plan. Better managing your team. We run each program multiple times a year, so you can jump in when ready.

Exclusive deep dives, for and guided by you

In addition to our regular cohort-based offerings, which you get full access to, we host regular deep dive sessions, where in 90 minutes we can cover topics that others would take months to cover. Topics like maximizing your CRM, working with an assistant/team, differentiating yourself, and self care. The best part? These are guided by you, facilitated by us, and including your peers.

Live action sessions, twice a week

We know that the gap between learning what to do and actually doing it, repeatedly is enormous. While we have the best intentions and a perfect schedule, our days and weeks can quickly go haywire, leaving all those best intentions crumpled in a heap. What if, twice a week, the time was blocked off for you, and all you had to do was click a button, and be led by one of our amazing guides to take action on your business? 

An elite online community of the best agents in the business seeking balance in their lives

Let's face it, this work can be lonely at times. We believe that we do our best work by not only deepening our relationship with our sphere, but with ourselves and a trusted community of peers. Your GoodSphere membership includes access to our online community, where you can directly engage with other GoodSphere members from across the country. Your guides and topic experts are known to hang out there too.

Tools and resources, updated weekly

Whether it's our video library, tactic guides, weekly meditations, or more... your membership is focused on the tools you need.

(Optional) Weekly hands-on guidance - small groups or 1:1

In addition, GoodSphere members have the ability to accelerate learning and growth by meeting weekly 1:1 with one of our experienced guides, or  build community, and provide peer accountability in weekly small groups.

Proven by your peers, time and time again.

Choose the membership level that fits you

Good Things

Your operating system for a thriving year, in one low price

  • Unlimited access to our Foundations program
  • Unlimited access to all of our cohort-based programs
  • Deep dive intensives, at least twice a month
  • Twice-weekly One Good Thing sessions
  • Access to our online community
  • Weekly recorded mediations
  • And much more!


Pay monthly, move up/down at any time.

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Better Together

Your peer group for support, accountability, and growth

  • ⬅ Everything in Good Things
  • Weekly PeerSpheres small group discussion, facilitated by one of our experienced guides


Pay monthly, move up/down at any time.

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Personal Guidance

Direct 1:1 guidance from

  • ⬅ Everything in Good Things
  • Weekly 45 minute 1:1 with one of our experienced guides


Pay monthly, move up/down at any time.

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🚫 You should not sign up for GoodSphere if...

  • You don't agree that your best business comes from your sphere of influence.
  • You'd rather spend time cold calling and door knocking than engaging with the people that already know, like, and love you.
  • You feel "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" applies to you.
  • You'd rather get shamed into doing more than find the systems to actually do less.

Included Programs

  • Foundations
  • Marketing Mindset
  • Social Media
  • Advanced CRM Usage
  • Advanced Sphere Nurturing
  • Networking
  • Mastering Your Money
  • And much more coming!

Included Deep Dives

  • Self Care Intensive
  • Your Unique Value Intensive
  • Anti Goal Workshop Intensive
  • Hosting an event Intensive
  • Pricing Intensive
  • Advanced Organization Intensive
  • Wheel of Life Intensive
  • Personal Engagement Intensive

Everything you need, year round

Give yourself peace of mind that you're getting the support you need.