Your GoodSphere Journey

We’re here to help you build healthy, meaningful relationships that fuel business growth through our unique programming.

Foundations of Living in Your GoodSphere

To set you up for success, you’ll start with Foundations, a six-week onramp to the habits and tactics to help you identify your sources of opportunity from your database. Through this course, we’ll also guide you to optimize your baseline business and personal needs.

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Membership Community

After you graduate from our Foundations class or attend a Live event, you’ll find yourself with the essential building blocks to thrive in the GoodSphere community with our Membership.  With two free months of membership, you’ll have a chance to experience all of the perks we have to offer - weekly accountability sessions, deep dive workshops on popular topics, networking events both in person and virtually hosted, all grounded in a monthly theme that aligns with the seasonality of the real estate world. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to access all resources housed in our GoodSphere Community Portal.

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Personal Coaching

Created uniquely for our member community, our new Personal Coaching program enables our agents to customize their journey with GoodSphere.

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Live Events

You can also join us in person at one of our Live events in an office near you - over the course of the two days, we’ll have space for newcomers to learn the foundations of GoodSphere and our ethos in an intensive training setting as well as curated deep-dives for our members and alumni.  The event will be a fusion of our community with clear value drivers, depending on what part of your journey you’re on with GoodSphere.  Whether you’re new here or an active part of our amazing community, this event is for you!

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GoodSphere transforms the lives of real estate professionals like yourself, through expert guidance and community building so that you can thrive with a strong personal and professional network. You’ll see remarkable business results through personal growth - we guarantee it!
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