Lance Pendleton

Lance helps incredible people get out of their own way.

More about Lance

With over fifteen years of experience in companies from Compass, Sotheby's, (the once cool) Blockbuster, and Apple and with a deep understanding of the psychology of human behavior- Lance helps sales professionals remove the blockers to their growth and development. As a TEDx speaker, consultant, and leader in his field- Lance is on a mission to help exceptional leaders stop overcomplicating things and simplify what matters. Most recently, the National Head of Agent Strategy and Success for Compass, Lance, helped drive business growth and success for over 30,000 real estate agents across the country. Lance specializes in the psychology of human behavior, with a focus on developing business professionals who can humanize relationships and anticipate a client's needs. Formerly the Head of Agent Development at Compass and Chief Innovation Officer for the largest Sotheby’s Realty affiliate in the world, he has also worked as a corporate sales trainer, business development specialist, speaker, and consultant.